As a professional responsible for planning events and meetings, you obviously recognize that efficiency and security are growing concerns for every event… and you’re looking for a way to ensure your events go off without a glitch.


Look no further!
SmoothMeetings is a fully automated event admission system that will revolutionize the way you admit attendees and process their information for reports and follow-up marketing efforts.
To you, SmoothMeetings means:
  • Greater control over who enters when, where, and which events/sessions
  • No more bottle-necks at registration with some people searching for pre-made name badges while others are registering on-site and asking questions
  • Labor savings
  • No more time required to pre-make badges
  • Easy on-the-spot credit card processing
  • Revenue-generating options
  • Badge sponsorship & exhibitor system leases
  • Sophisticated data base capabilities that easily integrate with existing systems-
  • To producing detailed attendance reports and information for post-event marketing follow-up (for you or the exhibitors).

Sound appealing?

You’re a click away from a state-of-the-art tool that is unlike any registration product or system on the market…a click away from impressing clients (or your bosses) with unsurpassed efficiency, information management, and control.

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3 Easy Steps to Increased Efficiency, Security & Cost Savings

  • Upon arrival, each attendee is instructed to scan his or her driver’s license (or i.d. card authorized by you) upon arrival.
  • A mounted camera takes a quick photo.
  • The computer does a quick database check using the barcode or magnetic strip on the ID. It will decline access to unauthorized individuals —alerting security (as you specify).
  • A photo-id badge is printed within seconds, and access is granted for authorized individuals.

It’s that easy!
Plus--there is minimal space required for the equipment and the ROI is high—saving you thousands in lost revenue from:

  • attendees who “slip by”
  • reduction of overhead for guards
  • Cost  associated with manual reporting.


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